Sunday, 20 October 2013

Looking After Number One.

There has been a lot of speculation as to whether we need to use vitamin and mineral supplements. Some doctors advocate the use of them, particularly for the older generations and people who have chronic illness.

The fact is our lives have changed radically particularly over the last three decades. Most people do not eat a wholesome breakfast, a nutritious lunch, and consume a proper family meal in the evening. The reality is more like, a quick cup of coffee and toast if your lucky for breakfast, fast food for lunch, and a ready meal in the evening. All packed with high fat and too much sugar, nutrition is last in line.

Another factor in favour of supplements is the fact that modern farming methods strip the soil from its precious minerals. Warehouses keep fresh food too long, and by the time they hit the supermarkets shelves there is very little in the way of nutrition left in the food. Organic food is the best for optimin nutritional values, but it is far more expensive for families to buy. Frozen vegetables are a good choice because they are picked fresh and frozen immediately, which keeps the vitamin and mineral content.

Overall, if you live life at a fast pace, which most of us do in today's society. It would be wise to at least take a good quality multivitamin and mineral supplement to cover our daily nutritional intake.