Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Animals, the World, and Our Future.

In the UK it has been said people care more for their animals, than they do for other people.
This is overall a disproportionate view. There are of course exceptions to this rule, as there are in other areas of life.

Ultimately family and close friends will always come first with most people, but the fact is animals have so much to give in the way of companionship and affection. This is especially the case when someone lives alone, or is elderly. Animals can be a lifeline and become dear friend for the lonely. They don't judge us, or have high expectations.

Lets face it if we cannot treat animals with kindness and affection, then what chance do we stand of treating other human beings this way? It's very sad, but also true that indifference and cruelty are on the increase worldwide, towards both people and animals. Indeed society seems to be heading in a retrograde direction.

Perhaps its time to start teaching people from a young age, to value each other, our animals, and our planet. Then perhaps society will stand a chance, and love and decency will prevail.

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