Saturday, 11 June 2011

The Face of Graceful Aging

Aging is an inevitable part of life. However, how we look as we age, is partly down to genetics, and also the way we look after our appearance and general health.

The secret to looking youthful is fairly simple:

    * Follow a good skin care regime (moisturise morning and night)
    * Eat a balanced diet
    * Get restful sleep (6/8 hours per night)
    * Drink plenty of water to keep the body and skin hydrated.
    * Do gentle exercise, e.g. dancing/walking/swimming. It will keep you supple
    * Choose subtle make-up colours to give you a more youthful appearance
    * Wear fashionable clothes, which are not too young in style for your age
    * Have your hair trimmed and conditioned regularly
    * Choose a soft natural looking hair shade, if you dye your hair
    * Look after your teeth
    * And last, but certainly not least laugh, its the best medicine for a youthful outlook on life.

Enjoy each phase of your life, getting older brings different gifts into our lives.


  1. Thanks for sharing Suzi.
    X Corina

  2. I get fed-up with dyeing (dying?)my hair, but am not ready to be grey yet. Men can get away with it - I can't!

  3. I know what you mean Karen. If a ladies hair goes a nice shade of silver then that's acceptable, but iron grey is another matter.