Sunday, 17 July 2011

People Need Structure, Discipline and Love

Over the past two decades there has been a perceivable decline of decent social behaviour. It is sadly a fact that people in general have less regard for each other. This is reflected in the way we treat our elderly, the breakdown of family structure, and the increase in anti -social behaviour.

We might ask ourselves who is to blame. As parents are we too easy on our children now. Most young people are no longer taught to have basic manners, respect for their elders, authority, and ultimately respect for themselves.

In the fifties and sixties parental discipline was an integral part of everyday life. In our schools pupils were expected to be able to sit still and listen to their teacher without question. If a pupil stepped out of line they were sent to the head teacher to be reprimanded. It may have seemed overly strict to some, but in truth it kept young people in line, and helped them learn some self discipline for their adult life.

In those days most families had a proper breakfast and sat down together for main meals. Parents read to their children, and watched television programmes suitable for family viewing. Children had set bedtimes and they weren’t allowed a television or a computer in their bedroom. Unsuitable language was not allowed, nor was there any talking back, or being cheeky to an adult.

In the present day it is becoming more apparent that a lot of young adults are out of control, and more importantly they haven’t the slightest idea how to be a strong parental influence in their own children’s lives. Of course there are exceptions to this. However, it is becoming increasingly hard for conscientious parents to guide their children, especially when their child goes to school and starts socialising among the masses.

Depressing as it may seem, this is not an irrevocable situation. Society just needs to be reminded that all human beings need structure, discipline and above all love to live a fulfilled life.  

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