Thursday, 15 September 2011

'Fuzzy Wuzzy'

‘Fuzzy Wuzzy’ art by Thomas Williams

Fuzzy Wuzzy

In a secret glade, a magical place
Behind a wild bush, peeps a fuzzy wuzzy face
This tiny creature, has dew drop eyes
Like soft pools of ebony, they glint with surprise

His fur is charcoal, like velvet to touch
His whiskers are spiky and black
With his cute button nose and round little face
Fuzzy Wuzzy dances all over the place

He stands on two legs, though only three inches tall
He’s almost human some say
And if you don’t scare him, or frighten him
If you’re very lucky, he’ll come out to play

For Fuzzy Wuzzy is one of a kind
He lives in faerie land
Where the flowers grow tall and the creatures are small
I hope you understand

© Suzi Williams 2011


  1. How lovely - this reminds me of playtime stories with my childen....sigh. Now a bygone time.

  2. lovely Suzi, keep them coming!
    X Corina