Saturday, 1 October 2011

Tiny Dragon

                             CGI 'Dragon Art' Suzi Williams

Tiny Dragon

In a magical place
In far off lands
Sits a tiny dragon
With time on his hands

He's watching and waiting
With a wink and a smile
To meet his best friend
Who'll be along in a while

Too young to breathe fire
Or fly in the sky
This doesn't stop Archie from having a try

So if you see him
Just give him a wave
Say 'Hello' to the Dragon who lives in a cave 

© Suzi Williams 2011


  1. He's so cute Suzi, I'll give him a wave when I see him. I've put you on my list of friendly bloggers for an award. Pop over to my blog if you want to collect it, no obligations though.

  2. Oh thank you Suzy, I'm so glad you like him, and thank you so much for the nomination too. :)